Strategic Dreamers

Future Literacy. Future Competences #1

The most important competence of the future may turn out to be the conscious and efficient shaping of the future. If we do not want to wake up in a world in which we feel alien, which we do not want, do not accept and do not understand, it is worth learning methods of systematic […]

Intercultural Competences. Future Competences #2

Understanding people from other cultures will become a key future competence. However, this is not just an intellectual ability, but more importantly the ability to communicate empathetically, collaborate, and co-create communities and organizations. So how to redefine intercultural competences in permanently uncertain and chaotically changing world? Mixed cultures meet mixed cultures Intercultural competences will become […]

The organization in the face of uncertainty and chaos. Working with future scenarios

Disruptions to the rhythms of work and daily life can become the new normal of our world. Disruption, chaos, and discontinuity cease to be the exception and turn into the rule. They create the dramaturgy of various crises (pandemics, financial crises, climate crises), and are also a method of community management. This workshop will help […]

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We operate in the field of organizational cultures development and futures thinking.

We support building effective and “winning” teams and organizations.

We initiate, implement and evaluate new practices and ways of cooperation.

We effectively and sensitively lead through the process of change.

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