The organization in the face of uncertainty and chaos. Working with future scenarios

Disruptions to the rhythms of work and daily life can become the new normal of our world. Disruption, chaos, and discontinuity cease to be the exception and turn into the rule. They create the dramaturgy of various crises (pandemics, financial crises, climate crises), and are also a method of community management.

This workshop will help participants acquire the ability to use future scenarios as a tool for planning, adaptation, social innovation and organizational change. 

This means being able to work with uncertainty, spot trends and their symptoms, and design the future in an agile and creative way.

During the workshop we will address the following questions, among others:

  • How can we consciously plan actions in a world of volatility, uncertainty, permanent crisis (which has become the norm)?
  • Creating stable, long-term, consistent action plans vs. flexibility in adapting to ever-changing conditions? 
  • How can we learn to spot trends and respond to them in an efficient way? 

We will create several variants of future scenarios and consider how to incorporate local social, environmental, organizational and technological challenges (case studies). 

Up to 15 participants are invited to take part in the workshop. 

Chairperson: Bartek Frąckowiak, Marta Michalak