Strategic Dreamers’ services have been divided into two main fields:


  • development of organizational cultures
  • 34 CliftonStrengths coaching with Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach
  • strengths-based leadership (sessions with Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach)
  • change management
  • psychological support in change processes
  • building psychological and organizational resiliency
  • creating the organizational immune system
  • team coaching
  • development of communication skills and team cooperation
  • discovering, developing and aiming strengths and talents of individuals and teams
  • working with conflict and conflict-related interventions
  • building learning teams and organizations
  • empathic communication
  • job crafting
  • designing future(s) workshops for individuals and organizations
  • future(s) scenarios for organizations
  • developing post-pandemic teamwork
  • structure from scratch: reinventing the organization to suit your needs
  • organizing expert panels on themes relevant to your organization


  • ethnographic research
  • designing workplace: workplace as innovation
  • setting up expert groups for specific topics or challenges
  • inspirational lectures and public speaking
  • consulting on sustainable organizational cultures and corporate social responsibility
  • conducting project evaluations
  • writing reports

Below you will find proposals for workshops and trainings we can lead for you. Take them as inspiration. We take an individual approach to working with each organization and will be happy to design a training cycle specifically for your company.

Discovering, developing and applying strengths based on Gallup’s 34 CliftonStrengths system. Coaching for individuals and teams

Organization’s Immune System

Bottom-up future competences

The Organization in the Face of Uncertainty and Chaos. Working with Future Scenarios

We will create several variants of future scenarios and consider how to incorporate local social, environmental, organizational and technological challenges (case studies).

Into the future

Let’s Design Futures – Your Company’s Future Ecosystem

This workshop will help teams in your company acquire the ability to use future scenarios as a tool for planning, adapting, designing innovation and change; it will develop competencies for building informed, creative and empowering relationships with the future.

Blink and empathy in future storytelling

Future(s) storytelling. Training for leaders

How do we talk about futures so we can consciously create them? To understand our organizations in the future, we could tell ourselves the worlds in which they will exist. Our training will help you explore ways of future storytelling that are both an extension of your company’s strategy and a creative dream.