Olga Kołdej

Olga is a generalist. Trainer, development facilitator, architect, percussionist, blogger. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at Wroclaw University of Technology, the Academy of Trainers TROP and the School of Music 1st degree in percussion class. She is certified in PRINCE2 project management methodology and holds a real estate manager license.

For the first years of her career she worked in her learned profession. She has worked on projects of all scales – from interiors and detached houses (in a Scottish studio she participated in Neil Gainman’s house project) to large commercial buildings.

She has over a decade of experience in an international retail organization, has been involved in real estate investing, designed websites, recorded 3 singles with her band Walnut Boats, taught women to play drums as part of Luciola Lady’s Camp. In search of her own path, she blogged and interviewed travelers. Finally, through consistent exploration of her own strengths, she found her calling in working closely with people – first learning and now working as a supportive trainer at the Academy of Trainers TROP. She conducts trainings and workshops on the development of soft and transferable skills, such as empathic communication, working on strengths, giving constructive feedback, working with habits, effective cooperation. She is a training coordinator at Sitaja Foundation, which supports women in personal development and entrepreneurship. She dreams of a world where people are fulfilled in their work, using their greatest strengths. She is an ardent advocate of a development mindset.

In her free time, she climbs mountains, rides her bike and devours books.