Marta Michalak

Marta is a cultural anthropologist and theatrologist by training. She is interested in acting on the border of art and social change. She has experience in designing and coordinating processes of high dynamics and changeability, conducting activities at the meeting point of various organizational cultures, building interdisciplinary project teams. She worked in the field of programming and organization at the SPOTKANIA Theater Festival in Warsaw’s Dramatic Theater. She worked with Agata Siwiak and Grzegorz Niziołek on the realization of the 2nd edition of the Dialogue of Four Cultures Festival in Łódź, she was an expert in the advisory group to the Political Cabinet at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, she co-created the program framework for the projects of the Dance Department of the Institute of Music and Dance (including the program for professional retraining of dancers, developed on the basis of a study of the needs of this professional group and taking into account the specificity of its legal and organizational environment). Since 2018 she has been the production manager of Biennale Warszawa. She swims and snorkels everywhere she can and as often as she can.