How do we talk about futures so we can consciously create them? Future(s) storytelling. Training for leaders

To understand our organizations in the future, we could tell ourselves the worlds in which they will exist. Our training will help you explore ways of future storytelling that are both an extension of your company’s strategy and a creative dream.

  • Wondering what kind of story about the future would enhance your team’s sense of empowerment while preparing your organization for different scenarios, challenges and circumstances?
  • Would you like to feel out and test different options for the future today? Learn how to prototype alternative visions of the future and test their possible consequences before they become facts?
  • Do you feel that some seemingly modern technologies are actually surprisingly conservative and you would like to do something about it?
  • You don’t intend to rely solely on statistical models in your planning because you value your intuition and imagination as important qualities of a leader?
  • Do you want to create colorful, contextualized, detail-rich, sensory stories about the future your organization intends to shape?
  • Would you like to engage your team, communities and stakeholders on important future trends and strategic themes, making an impact and focusing their attention?
  • Do you need a tool to effectively work with uncertainty, chaos and volatility?

Our future storytelling training will give you the experience of working with future scenarios. You will learn methods for discovering patterns in trend maps and turning them into rich stories, creating personas from the future and constructing narratives about possible worlds in emotional, contextual, concrete and sensory ways. You’ll learn to approach your organization’s strategy in a completely different way: instead of creating a rigid, unchanging framework, learn to be flexible and adaptive. Our training will also help you learn the power of testing the future today, with prototypes. We understand them as samples of the future brought into the present, around which we can develop useful stories.


  • a great tool for learning new habits and unlearning old ones that block you or no longer work,
  • a method to emotionally and empathetically engage your team, customers and stakeholders,
  • an excellent way to test the consequences and impact of different ideas, concepts and opportunities,
  • a testing ground, a laboratory, an organization’s immune system.

TIME: 2 days of 6 hours each
PARTICIPANTS: 12 leaders
WHAT WE NEED: (1) 2 magnetic flipcharts, dry erase markers in several colors, post-it notes in several colors, 25 sheets 81 x 58.5 cm, magnets, projector, speakers, (2) constant access to good coffee, sparkling and still water, healthy snacks, possibility of drinking and eating during the training