Ewa Kozik

Ewa enjoys working with the present and potentiality, learning from others and sharing her own experience. She is always working at the intersection of several professions, helping to go beyond the given and broaden perspectives. She holds a diploma in cultural animator from the University of Warsaw, and is starting the Postgraduate Group Training Studies at the Psychoeducation Laboratory and SWPS in the academic year 2022.

She is a co-curator of the project “Smashing Wor(l)ds: Cultural Practices for re/Imagining & un/Learning Vocabularies” implemented within the Creative Europe EU Programme, during which she supports the creation of new artistic works and conducts creative residencies, among others. In the past, she was production coordinator and program support for the Biennale Warszawa 2022. She co-created a Reception Point for Refugees fleeing war in Ukraine. She has produced exhibitions and art projects at, among others, the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle and the Xawery Dunikowski Museum of Sculpture in Królikarnia, a division of the National Museum in Warsaw. Curator of exhibitions: “Kornelia Dzikowska. Power Play” (2020), “Mothers of Originals” (2018), “Półprawda | Half-truth. Works by contemporary artists from Central and Eastern Europe” (2017), “Dorota Buczkowska. Health Resort” (2016). She holds a bachelor degree in philosophy from Trinity College Dublin and a masters degree in cultural studies from the University of Warsaw. She completed postgraduate studies in art history at Collegium Civitas and participated in the Erasmus+ programme “Socially inclusive environmental education for sustainable culture and art” in Brussels (Belgium) and London (UK).

Addicted to world travel, change and books. Feminist.