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Bartek Frąckowiak and Olga Kołdej discuss mindfulness in the BANI world

Olga Koldej and Bartek Frąckowiak of Strategic Dreamers discuss different aspects of mindfulness. They talk about its relationship with technologies, the present and future scenarios. They see mindfulness as one of the essential future competences that can be shaped and developed. They refer to the change we are experiencing today, i.e. the shift from a […]

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Job Crafting. The First Step to the Job of the Future

One of the most important skills for organizations to thrive in a rapidly changing world is flexibility, the ability to adapt quickly. However, in organizations built on well-defined roles and traditional management models, introducing a culture of learning in action can sometimes be a lengthy process, and the remoteness of results over time can be […]

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Future(s) Literacy As a Future Competence

The most important competence of the future may turn out to be the conscious and efficient shaping of the future. If we do not want to wake up in a world in which we feel alien, which we do not want, do not accept, and do not understand, it is worth learning methods of systematic […]