Bartek Frąckowiak

Bartek has always enjoyed working and experimenting on the borderline of disciplines. He is interested in working with future scenarios in organizations, processes of designing deep social and technological innovations, transformations of organizational cultures, creating transdisciplinary teams, and collaborating with new technologies.

He graduated from interdepartmental and interuniversity studies in humanities. He is a graduate of the School for Trainers of the TROP Academy.

For over a dozen years he worked as a dramaturg (inspiring and facilitating creative processes) and director in theaters from Gdańsk to Wrocław, he curated a series of performance lectures realized by teams consisting of experts and artists. From 2014 to 2017 he was deputy director of Teatr Polski in Bydgoszcz, co-author of the institution’s artistic and organizational program, responsible for co-creating the new international concept of the the Festival of New Dramaturgies, international relations and communication.

Together with Paweł Wodziński, he co-created the program of Biennale Warsaw, an interdisciplinary cultural institution of the City of Warsaw, which combines artistic, research and social activities. Since 2017 he has been the deputy director of the institution and one of its curators. In 2019 he co-curated the first edition of the Warsaw Biennale, realized under the theme “Let’s Organize Our Future!” and dedicated to designing futures in the organizational field, as well as organizational art. He also co-curated the “Designing Futures” residency program with a group of curators from MENA countries and Central and Eastern Europe. At the School of Ideas at SWPS, he co-teaches a course on the relationship between technology and society, and a studio on designing futures.

He values critical thinking, interdisciplinarity, dynamic group processes, intercultural cooperation, working with conflict as a potentiality.

He rides his bike in the mountains and climbs rocks, natural and artificial.