We operate in the field of organizational cultures development and futures thinking.

We support building effective and “winning” teams and organizations.

We initiate, implement and evaluate new practices and ways of cooperation.

We effectively and sensitively lead through the process of change.

In our activity we combine research and analytical activities (ethnography, reports, trendbooks) with a practical approach to training in business. We approach each customer individually, trying to understand their needs and respond to them by designing trainings.

Strategic Dreamers is the name that reflects the spirit of our work. We like to function in interdisciplinary environment: between technology and social research, between management and art, between strategy and dreaming. Our method allows us to combine systems thinking, based on data and contextual understanding, with developing imagination, working on emotions and intuition, and a creative approach. We consider such work to be one of the most important future competencies.

We are distinguished by our work in the areas of:

  • researching trends and working with future scenarios in organizations,
  • inspiring and leading development processes,
  • facilitating group processes,
  • building interdisciplinary teams and facilitating their work,
  • creating sustainable organizational cultures,
  • supporting change processes in organizations, 
  • creative problem solving.

We have many years of experience working with interdisciplinary and cross-cultural groups. We have come together to run a training company that helps organizations to develop and act creatively, powerfully and empathetically.  If you would like to talk about cooperation or arrange a coffee with us, feel free to contact us:

Bartek Frąckowiak bartek@strategicdreamers.com

Olga Kołdej olga@strategicdreamers.com

Ewa Kozik ewa@strategicdreamers.com

Marta Michalak marta@strategicdreamers.com